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With 6 fully qualified and experienced PGA Professionals, RJ Pro Shop will provide you with a great learning experience.

First of all the quality of our facilities:

3 private bays at the floodlit Longueville Golf Range
TrackMan and FlightScope launch monitors to provide us with all the shot info we will ever need.
K Vest and SAM Putt Lab

Short game facilities at The Royal Jersey Golf Club including putting/chipping green, bunkers and pitching areas.

The Royal Jersey Golf Club for playing lessons, a classic testing course always in great condition.

Then our instructors with their numerous qualities:

6 Fully qualified PGA Professionals
Experience of all types of golfers

Keen and passionate

Available 7 days a week

Finally our teaching philosophy. We strongly believe in bespoke tuition. We will adapt our method, vocabulary and of course our goals to the student we are teaching.

Our main objectives when teaching are:
Good fundamentals including grip and posture
A simple and efficient way of swinging the golf club focusing mainly on the club path and face angle
A good connection between the arms and the body
Ensuring you have suitable equipment to help you reach your full potential.
Have FUN

Individual Lesson Prices


30 minute short game at Royal Jersey Golf Club - £40
30 minute long game at Longueville Golf Range - £40
60 minute short game at Royal Jersey Golf Club - £70
60 minute long game at Longueville Golf Range - £70
90 minute playing lesson at Royal Jersey Golf Club - £125

For more information or to book, contact the PGA Professionals: James Evans, Sebastien Jost, Andy Chamberlain, James O'Doherty (JP), Ross Davis or Alex Mollin by calling us on 01534 852234

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